ID 19173

Über mich

Über Dich

Treffpunkt Andere Länder
Geb. Datum 09.04.1977
Größe 165 cm
Gewicht 64 kg
Haarfarbe weiß
Augenfarbe grün
Familienstand geschieden
Kinder 2005M
Kinderwunsch Abhängig vom Partner
Rauchen nein
Schulbildung Hochschule
Berufsausbildung Teacher
Ausgeübter Beruf Unemployed
Sprachen Deutsch durchschnittlich
Englisch durchschnittlich
What I look for in a man is kindness, cheerfulness, determination, generosity, and attentiveness towards me. He should be free from obligations to other women; our relationship should come first. He should be able to support, hug, and reassure me that everything will be fine if necessary. Additionally, he should be capable of taking responsibility for his words and actions, speaking openly, and being sincere. I live in Germany now.
I am generally reserved and avoid conflicts whenever possible. If disagreements arise, I make an effort to address them constructively and seek a compromise. Respecting the boundaries of others and cherishing my personal space are significant to me. I appreciate tranquility and prioritize a clean and comfortable living environment. While I am a good listener, I am also capable of expressing my opinions and communicating what is important to me when needed. I have a positive outlook on the world and strive to find the silver lining in every situation.