ID 19126

Über mich

Über Dich

Treffpunkt Andere Länder
Geb. Datum 16.11.1982
Größe 174 cm
Gewicht 67 kg
Haarfarbe weiß
Augenfarbe grau
Familienstand geschieden
Kinder 2007M
Kinderwunsch Abhängig vom Partner
Rauchen nein
Schulbildung Universität
Berufsausbildung IT
Ausgeübter Beruf Operations Manager
Sprachen Deutsch etwas
Englisch fließend
Polish fließend
Empathic, caring, loyal, energetic, easy-going - this is the words that come to mind while thinking of me :) I approach life with humor and ease. I keep my word. I believe in the importance of finding balance and the need to negotiate. I am sure that common goals of the family are more important than the goals of each individual. I love creating comfort in my home, maintaining a calm and trusting atmosphere. An ideal family day is to do togather whatever what makes both feel great at a particular moment in life. I never stand in one place, I develop in many areas of my life, I invest time in what fills me with positive emotions, which I can then share with my family and loved ones. I love exploring new castles, countries, and also people. :) I love walking my dog as well as alone, it's a quick way to recharge my battery. :) Museums, exhibitions, theater, and opera are what give me energy. I love cross-stitching and acrylic painting. I find pleasure in cooking, the most interesting is to find a balance so that the dish is not only delicious, but also healthy. My dream is to finish my book, this takes my attention. :) My goals are related to self-knowledge and continuous development, my plans are constantly being updated, and it looks like I need to live to at least 100 years to realize them.
My future husband is a purposeful and responsible person who knows what he wants from his wife and appreciates what a woman gives. For me, a husband is a leader, protector, and provider. I consider my husband as a person to whom I will be grateful, appreciate, admire him and be proud of. I believe my husband is perfect for me, this does not mean that I want him to be an ideal man. I understand that everyone can make mistakes because that's how we grow. My man knows how to negotiate and hear his woman. It is important for me to feel confident and calm next to my husband. For me, stability and predictability in a man are the most critical. For the fullness of life, I also want to experience pleasant spontaneity and romance, but this is my responsibility as a wife :) My husband can be sure to have a calm and relaxing atmosphere at home and be confident in my loyalty. My husband will always have a great time with me, since I am an interesting person, having many hobbies and areas for development. It is essential for me that my husband devotes time to developing our relationships and our family. Our family will provide a synergy, where 1 1 is 11. At the same time, I come with clear instructions, so all my husband needs to do is use it without investing time in guesswork. :)