ID 19247

Über mich

Über Dich

Treffpunkt Andere Länder
Geb. Datum 13.06.1993
Größe 168 cm
Gewicht 58 kg
Haarfarbe dunkelblond
Augenfarbe blau
Familienstand geschieden
Kinder 2018F
Kinderwunsch Ja
Rauchen nein
Schulbildung Technische Schule
Berufsausbildung Accountant
Ausgeübter Beruf Enterpreneur
Sprachen Deutsch etwas
Englisch fließend
Turkish gut
As a human being, I am a complex entity - I am the whole Universe in my own unique way. My personality is like a storm of emotions that constantly churns within me, and it's a mixture of the most unusually interconnected qualities that you can imagine. It's like a bottle that holds an eclectic blend of flavors, each one distinct yet somehow harmonious. Exploring the intricacies of my being is fascinating, and I'm constantly discovering new facets of myself that I never knew existed before.
The qualities that I consider essential in a man are important to me. It is not enough for a man to be self-sufficient; he must also be resilient and assertive. A man, in my eyes, is someone who commands respect and dignity. He should possess a kind and understanding nature and be empathetic, emotionally stable, rational, and wise. A good sense of humor is a must-have, and it is equally essential for him to comprehend the needs and desires of women. Only when a man has all these qualities can a woman feel confident and secure and genuinely embrace her femininity.