ID 19180

Über mich

Über Dich

Treffpunkt Andere Länder
Geb. Datum 15.06.1990
Größe 162 cm
Gewicht 52 kg
Haarfarbe weiß
Augenfarbe grau
Familienstand ledig
Kinder Keine
Kinderwunsch Ja
Rauchen nein
Schulbildung Universität
Berufsausbildung electronics engineer
Ausgeübter Beruf Beauty Sphere
Sprachen Deutsch etwas
Englisch gut
It is difficult to describe myself, as every person perceives me differently based on their own perspective. I am originally from Ukraine, and my life has undergone significant changes over the past years. At times, I exhibit strength, while at others, I can be weak. I am generally cheerful, kind, and sincere. Honesty and justice are values that I cherish. I am constantly evolving and not always aware of my potential. Life's challenges either make me stronger or weaker. As a person, I am sensitive and vulnerable. I tend to trust people and believe in their goodness. I am an open and caring individual who is always willing to help my loved ones. I believe in fighting for justice and doing what is right. l who is always willing to help my loved ones. I believe in fighting for justice and doing what is right. I enjoy participating in light sports, reading and traveling. The sea and the ocean are my favorite places to be - water is my element and it energizes me. Spending time with family and friends is something I really cherish. I have a deep love for animals too. I am always discovering new things about myself. Recently, I tried my hand at drawing and found it to be quite enjoyable. I also have an appreciation for delicious food, interesting films, listening to music, and engaging in spiritual development. I live for now in Augsburg, Germany.
I am in search of a man who is brave enough to take responsibility for my life, who knows how to love and can make me happy. In my understanding, the most important qualities for a man are reliability, sincerity, openness, loyalty, and honesty. I desire a man who is cheerful, caring, kind, and generous in his feelings and actions towards me, and easy-going. It's essential for us to have common life values and interests, look in the same direction at life, support each other, help each other in everything, take care of each other, and protect each other from the negativity of life.